My Story

Thank you for visiting my website and for choosing to learn a little bit about me and my work. I was born and raised in Serbia and moved to New York with my parents at the age of 15. Although I was passionate about writing and acting since I was a child, after a semester of studying Theater and Communications at LaGuardia Community College, I changed my major to Psychology; with it, I changed my life. Always curious about secrets of human mind, I embarked on a journey to learn more about mysteries of behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and decisions we make in our daily lives, and their relationships to our past experiences. 
I began my journey at Laguardia Community College where I completed an Associate's degree in Psychology. I continued to learn and grow at the New York University where I continued to pursue my Bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology, but decided to embed my love for writing in my studies, and take a minor in Creative Writing, which enabled me to become a part of the Writers in New York writing intensive summer program. 

Upon completion of the Bachelor's studies, along with internships at The Village Care of NYC - The Rivington House, where I gained experience in work with HIV/AIDS positive population, as well as at The Door, where my focus was on youth between ages of 13-24 to whom the organization provided a vast array of services, I was accepted to Baruch College where I graduated with a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. 

During Master's program, I completed my 3 semesters-long internship at LaGuardia Community College's Office for Students with Disabilities, where I conducted individual sessions, planned and taught workshops on Study Skills and Time Management, and lead a group focusing on Trauma. 
Upon completing Master's program, and while working towards my licensure, I had the opportunity to work in private clinics and a non-profit organization, Bleuler Psychotherapy Center. 

Variety of settings in which I worked allowed me to gain experience and learn about working with individuals, couples, families, groups and children, which I continue to do in my private practice. One of my greatest passions is working with anxiety disorders; in addition to my licensure as a psychotherapist, I have obtained certifications as Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP), Anxiety Certified Educator (ACE), and published a book entitled "Anxiety Free" in English and Serbian languages. 

Along with practicing psychotherapy in my daily work life, I continue to write fictional stories and psychology articles, record podcasts for the mental health app sanoMind, write a mental health column for the Serbian women's magazine, and brainstorm ideas to spread mental health awareness through writing, workshops and education. Recently, I have completed the necessary training and became Certified Telemental Health Provider, to accommodate clients who are unable to meet in person, and help them receive adequate care. I am fluent in Serbian and other former Yugoslavian languages.